Do Patti Movie: Intense Mystery Thriller Film

Do Patti is an upcoming Indian Hindi-language mystery thriller film directed by Shashanka Chaturvedi. Headlined by Kajol and Kriti Sanon, this film marks the first production venture of acclaimed writer Kanika Dhillon along with Sanon.

Set against the backdrop of the hills of North India, Do Patti is a captivating thriller revolving around the lives of two women with a complex relationship. Slated for release in 2024, this film has already generated substantial buzz thanks to its powerhouse lead cast and intriguing premise.

Story and Theme

As suggested by the title, Do Patti (Two Leaves) will explore the turbulent dynamic between two women whose paths cross in the hilly town of Simla. Kajol plays Nargis Dutt, a celebrated author who heads to Simla seeking solitude.

Kriti Sanon stars as Surina Narang, a young woman stranded in Simla due to unforeseen circumstances. How their lives intertwine and the mysteries surrounding their past form the crux of the plot.

Reports indicate that Do Patti has a complex narrative structure with secrets, unexpected twists and turns at every corner. Set in the misty hills, it promises to be an atmospheric and brooding thriller keeping audiences hooked. With two strong female protagonists at its center, the film is expected to showcase Nargis and Surina as multi-layered characters.

Known for her strong storytelling, Kanika Dhillon’s script is guaranteed to have powerful undercurrents of human relationships and emotions beneath the thrilling mystery plot.

Do Patti Intense Mystery Thriller Movie

Cast and Characters

Kajol as Nargis Dutt

Kajol returns to the big screen after several years in the bold, author-backed role of Nargis Dutt. This is a character with shades of grey that will showcase a new side of Kajol’s acting.

Kriti Sanon as Surina Narang

Surina marks another risk-taking character for Kriti after Mimi. Reports suggest she underwent workshops to get into the skin of this nuanced character stranded alone in Simla under mysterious circumstances.

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Shaheer Sheikh

Popular TV actor Shaheer Sheikh makes his Bollywood debut in Do Patti. He is said to play a key supporting character crucial to the story.

Other Supporting Cast

The film also stars several acclaimed theater actors like Anangsha Biswas, Namit Das, Shivani Raghuvanshi in pivotal supporting roles. The principal cast is complemented by talented theater actors.

With Kajol and Kriti leading the show, Do Patti boasts of a versatile ensemble to portray this moody thriller set in the hills.



Do Patti marks the first Hindi directorial venture of ad filmmaker Shashanka Chaturvedi who has worked extensively with Kriti Sanon. Known for his nuanced storytelling, Chaturvedi seems like an apt choice to direct this female-led thriller.


The film’s script has been penned by renowned writer Kanika Dhillon who has delivered powerful stories like Manmarziyaan, Judgementall Hai Kya, Haseen Dillruba, and Rashmi Rocket. She is adept at crafting complex female characters.


Kanika Dhillon turns producer with Do Patti along with lead actress Kriti Sanon. Their production house marks the first collaboration between the successful writer-actor duo.


The background score for this atmospheric thriller has been composed by Madhav Phadke to elevate the intrigue and drama. Songs featuring the leads’ vocals have been rendered by Rekha Bhardwaj and Armaan Malik.


Sunita Radia who shot for acclaimed films like Dil Dhadakne Do handles the cinematography. Her lens promises to capture the brooding beauty of the hilly setting.


National Award winning editor A Sreekar Prasad comes on board to deliver slick editing that heightens the narrative suspense.

Pre-Release Buzz and Expectations

Do Patti has managed to create quite a stir before release, primarily due to its stellar lead cast. Kajol returning to films after years in an author-backed role has garnered tremendous buzz. Fans are eager to see her in this new intense avatar.

Meanwhile, Kriti Sanon playing another strong-willed woman after Mimi has also upped expectations. Her offbeat film choices of late have earned her praise.

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Moreover, the writer-actor pairing of Kanika Dhillon and Kriti Sanon turning producers has generated interest. Dhillon’s reputation for crafting fleshed-out female characters adds to the anticipation.

Being promoted as a brooding thriller with two conflicted women at its center, Do Patti is being seen as a complete departure from formulaic Bollywood potboilers.

Critics have appreciated the makers backing a female-centric project with meaty roles. There is curiosity around the tense dynamics between Kajol and Kriti’s characters.

Overall, Do Patti has all the makings of a riveting thriller headlined by two gifted actresses. If it delivers on its promises, it could emerge as an entertaining and memorable cinematic experience.

Do Patti Kajol Movie

What Makes Do Patti Stand Out

Here are some of the factors that make Do Patti a highly anticipated thriller film:

  • The intense dramatic conflict between two complex female protagonists played by Kajol and Kriti Sanon. Their pairing itself is unique and promising.
  • Kanika Dhillon’s track record of crafting strong, flawed women promises powerful character writing. Her storytelling skills elevate the film.
  • Kajol returning to the big screen after a long gap in an author-backed substantial role as an acclaimed author.
  • Kriti Sanon choosing yet another women-led film with a meaty character in Surina Narang. She is on a roll with risky unconventional choices.
  • The atmospheric setting of the hills where most of the drama unfolds. It lends an eerie edge to the film’s tone and visuals.
  • Shashanka Chaturvedi’s prowess in subtle storytelling combined with Kanika Dhillon’s writing makes for a perfect blend.
  • The element of mystery and unpredictability in the plot filled with secrets and twists that will keep audiences guessing.
  • Slick production values with technicians like Sunita Radia and A Sreekar Prasad on board elevate the viewing experience.
  • The film highlights the talents of acclaimed theater actors alongside the leads instead of big names.

The amalgamation of these aspects makes Do Patti an intriguing thriller promising quality cinema.

What Makes Do Patti Special

Here are some factors that make Do Patti a truly special project:

Powerful Lead Actresses

Kajol and Kriti Sanon as two conflicted women at the story’s center is the film’s biggest USP. Their acting chops will bring the complex characters alive.

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Kanika Dhillon’s Sensitive Writing

Her skill in crafting human stories with powerful female roles gives the script weight and purpose beyond just the thrills.

Kajol’s Comeback Vehicle

Kajol’s author-backed role marks her return to lead roles after years. It taps into a new side of her acting talent.

Kriti Sanon’s Offbeat Choice

For Kriti, Surina presents another chance to showcase her versatility after Mimi’s success. She is on a great script choice streak.

Cinematic Setting of Simla Hills

The misty hills provide an atmospheric, brooding quality to the visuals in line with the unsettling storyline.

Multi-Layered Plot

With constant twists and turns, the story keeps viewers guessing while unveiling secrets that change perceptions.

The Writer-Actor Collaboration

Dhillon and Sanon turning producers together brings a real synergy to this passion project.

Talented Supporting Cast

Acclaimed artists like Shaheer Sheikh and theatre actors get a chance to shine through key supporting roles.

With its winning team, mysterious plot, and talented lead duo, Do Patti promises to be a refreshing thriller experience.

Additional Interesting Details

  • Do Patti is among the few Hindi films to have a multilingual theatrical release in Tamil and Telugu besides Hindi.
  • Kriti Sanon underwent diction training to perfect the Haryanvi intonations required for her role.
  • The film’s title is inspired by the two leaves tattoo that Kriti Sanon’s character Surina sports on her wrist.
  • Kajol reportedly agreed to the film on the condition that her role would have no romantic track.
  • Director Shashanka Chaturvedi and writer Kanika Dhillon have been long-time collaborators even before this film.
  • Kriti Sanon will be rendering her vocals for a soulful number in the film composed by Armaan Malik.
  • The screenplay is said to be designed as a jigsaw puzzle with each character’s backstory and secrets integral to the plot.
  • Do Patti is slated for release on the International Women’s Day week in 2024 owing to its female-centric storyline.
  • Kabir Singh actress Kiara Advani was earlier considered for Kriti Sanon’s role but things did not work out.


With its stellar lead cast, intriguing premise, captivating visuals, and talented writer-director duo, Do Patti has all the elements to emerge as one of the most riveting thrillers of 2024.

Kajol and Kriti Sanon’s fresh pairing and powerhouse acting abilities will be the biggest driving force for its success. Backed by Kanika Dhillon’s writing prowess and Shashanka Chaturvedi’s skilled direction, this film promises to be a complete package.

Do Patti is likely to present the two actresses in never-before-seen avatars and deliver a theatrical experience filled with twists and tensions. Here’s looking forward to its theatrical release already marked as one of the major highlights of 2024.

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