Dono: A Lavish Destination Wedding Sets the Stage for Modern Relationships

The upcoming Bollywood romantic drama Dono offers a glimpse into modern relationships against the backdrop of a lavish destination wedding. Directed by Avnish Barjatya and written by Avnish Barjatya and Manu Sharma, the film stars Rajveer Deol, Paloma Dhillon, and Rohan Khurana in leading roles. Dono is set for release on October 5, 2023.

An Anticipated Bollywood Romance

Dono has generated quite a buzz leading up to its release. With its exotic destination wedding setting, beautiful cinematography, and talented young cast, the film promises to be a spectacular visual treat for audiences. The story explores the complexities of modern relationships, making it relatable for contemporary viewers.

Critics have praised the film’s trailer and songs so far. The melodious music by Sachet-Parampara sets the mood perfectly. Dono marks the directorial debut of Avnish Barjatya, who has previously worked as an assistant director. His fresh perspective adds appeal for young moviegoers. Overall, the hype leading up to Dono’s release date indicates it could be one of the most popular Bollywood romances this year.

The Cast Brings Youthful Energy

Dono features a talented young cast ready to make their mark on Bollywood. Leading the way are Rajveer Deol and Paloma Dhillon as the central romantic pair. Rajveer, the son of Sunny Deol, makes his acting debut with this film. He has big shoes to fill, but the trailer indicates he has the charisma and acting chops to become a star.

Paloma Dhillon, a model and social media influencer, also steps into her first major acting role. She brings fresh-faced beauty and effervescent screen presence. Romantic sparks are sure to fly between these two attractive newcomers. Supporting their performances is the versatile Rohan Khurana, portraying the groom at the destination wedding. Rohan has given strong performances in web series and looks set to make a splash on the big screen.

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Picturesque Backdrop for Relationship Drama

As the title Dono (meaning “both” in Hindi) suggests, the film explores the perspectives of two people in a relationship. Rajveer and Paloma portray a young couple balancing modern career ambitions and traditional family ties. Their love is put to the test against the backdrop of a lavish destination wedding in Thailand.

The wedding scenes look stunning, with colorful flowers, glittering decorations, and traditional rituals. Cinematographer Avinash Arun captures the lush Thai landscapes and grand wedding venue beautifully. Details like candle-lit pathways and lantern centerpieces give the film an ethereal glow. The realistic yet poetic visuals provide strong aesthetic appeal.

But beyond the surface glamor, deeper relationship issues simmer. Rohan Khurana’s character faces pressure to marry while harboring doubts about love. Rajveer and Paloma’s characters confront generational and cultural divides in their romance. The lavish wedding contrasts with the characters’ internal struggles, heightening the drama.

Modern Romance Meets Tradition

Dono explores the complexities of relationships in contemporary Indian society through its narrative. Director Avnish Barjatya wanted to capture the clash between modern, independent mindsets and traditional expectations placed on couples.

In an interview, Barjatya stated, “Our generation has greater career ambitions and exposure to global perspectives. At the same time, long-standing societal norms still hold weight. Balancing these opposing forces in a relationship can be difficult.”

The characters in the film grapple with questions like commitment timing, family pressures, individual aspirations, and Sacrifices expected in the name of love. Their struggles represent dilemmas facing many young Indian couples today in a rapidly evolving social landscape. Dono aims to authentically portray the nuances of millennial romance.

Standout Directorial Debut for Avnish Barjatya

Helming this nuanced story is director Avnish Barjatya, grandson of renowned filmmaker Sooraj Barjatya. This marks Avnish’s first time directing a feature film after working extensively as an assistant director.

In interviews, Avnish has cited his grandfather as a major influence. “I learned so much from him about portraying family relationships and human connections on screen. Those teachings shaped my approach, but I wanted to capture the dynamics of modern relationships.”

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To prepare, Avnish observed his friends’ and cousins’ love lives firsthand. He incorporated their anecdotes and relationship milestones into the script. The director’s research lends the film authenticity and realism. His contemporary vision coupled with his grandfather’s cinematic lessons make this debut one to watch.

Early buzz suggests Avnish has delivered on the promise of his lineage while crafting his own style. Dono is positioned to launch his directing career and uphold his family’s filmmaking legacy.

Why ‘Dono’ Stands Out

With its fresh cast, exotic backdrop, and nuanced relationship themes, Dono aims to be a standout Bollywood title this year. Here are some key reasons it is one to watch in 2023:

  • Eye-catching cinematography and choreography: From colorful dance numbers to romantic scenes illuminated by strings of lights, Dono is a visual feast.
  • Relatable relationship drama: The complexities confronted by the young couple resonate with modern Indian couples balancing old expectations and new ideas.
  • Strong acting debuts: Rajveer Deol and Paloma Dhillon showcase impressive acting chops that signal bright futures. Their chemistry lights up the screen.
  • Blend of tradition and contemporary: Timeless wedding rituals anchor the film while modern ambiance and sensibilities add freshness.
  • Lavish production values: No expense was spared to make the destination wedding settings look spectacular and transportive. The gorgeous sets contribute grandeur.
  • Buzz-worthy soundtrack: The soundtrack by Sachet-Parampara of Batti Gul Meter Chalu fame elevates emotional scenes. Their compositions add musical magic.

Why ‘Dono’ Is Special

At its heart, Dono aims to tell a sincere story of two individuals navigating the highs and lows of being in a relationship. Beyond the glamorous trappings, it promises an emotional core that resonates.

According to director Avnish Barjatya, “Dono is special because it stays true to traditions while embracing modern ideologies. It tries to capture the pulse of young India’s relationships and marriages, with their struggles to balance aspirations and conventions.”

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By immersing his characters in the microcosm of a wedding, he examines the macro challenges facing couples everywhere. The relatability of Rajveer and Paloma’s journey adds poignancy and staying power.

The film also marks the emergence of new talent, both in front of and behind the camera. Its youthful cast brings vigor while Barjatya channels his seasoned lineage into a contemporary directorial lens. Dono feels like both a fresh start and a return to heart-stirring filmmaking roots.

More Than Just A Romance

On the surface, Dono may seem like a lavish Bollywood love story. But its exploration of modern relationships makes it resonate beyond romance.

At its core, it is about the universality of self-doubt, growth, and the quest for meaning amid life’s peaks and valleys. The characters confront the same existential questions we all face about love, purpose, sacrifice, and destiny.

Dono promises strong performances to bring this emotional depth to life. Rajveer and Paloma’s chemistry and nuanced acting will elevate the material beyond a conventional romantic vehicle. Avnish Barjatya’s deft direction will lend raw honesty.

While the exotic destination wedding setting provides visual splendor, it is the relatable characters that give Dono its soul. Their journey reflects the essence of what it means to be human in the maze of life’s blessings and trials. ese elements position Dono as more than just another Bollywood romance.


With its allure of lavish wedding revelry and a soulful romantic tale, Dono aims to be a well-rounded Bollywood package. Early buzz indicates the film could become a hit that launches new stars and establishes Avnish Barjatya as a director to watch.

Dono has all the ingredients to captivate audiences: an alluring cast, picturesque visuals, melodious music, and a relatable story examining the complexities of modern relationships. While paying homage to Bollywood traditions, the filmmakers bring contemporary sensibilities that set this romance apart.

At its heart, Dono promises an emotional journey exploring the universal search for meaning and connection. By balancing spectacle with sincere performances, this destination wedding drama could deliver a memorable cinematic affair. The countdown is on for its highly anticipated October release.

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